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Lighting fixture installation seems like an easy job that any homeowner who is handy around the house can take care of on their own.

Yet as simple as the job might seem, it is one that should still be performed by a licensed electrician for many reasons.

Before any homeowner gets up [...]

Hiring a professional to handle electrical services is always the best bet for property owners, as it ensures that this specialized work is performed correctly.

The question is, should an electrical contractor be called in all cases or is it okay to let a skilled handyman do some electrical work?


When a homeowner has some kind of electrical problem, finding the right electrical contractor is a critical part of getting that problem resolved.

Electricians are specially-trained professionals and the only ones who should be handling that type of work.

To find an experienced and trusted residential electrician, homeowners must carefully [...]

In many states, it is illegal for anyone who is not a licensed electrical contractor to perform any kind of electrical work in a home or building.

Texas is not one of those states, as it permits non-licensed homeowners to handle their own electrical services in many situations.

Before picking [...]

Though many homeowners are handy enough to do a variety of their own repairs without calling a contractor, electrical services are at the top of the list that definitely requires the attention of a professional.

Skilled, knowledgeable electricians provide an essential service that the average homeowner is not equipped to [...]