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Electrical Work – Should I Hire A Handyman Or An Electrician?

August 15, 2022

Hiring a professional to handle electrical services is always the best bet for property owners, as it ensures that this specialized work is performed correctly.

The question is, should an electrical contractor be called in all cases or is it okay to let a skilled handyman do some electrical work?

To understand the answer to this question and why a higher-costing electrician is always the best choice, it is essential to know the difference between the two and why a handyman cannot fill the same shoes as an electrical professional.

A Handyman vs. An Electrician

Although general handyman contractors handle a little bit of everything when it comes to home repairs and can be quite skilled overall, most do not possess the same skills and training for electrical services as does a licensed electrical specialist.

The main difference between actual electricians and handyman contractors is the level of schooling that electricians have gone through to become proficient at their trade and the qualifications they have as a result.

Electrical contractors are informed about and work according to local safety codes and inspection requirements, holding required licensure that allows them to do that.

Handyman contractors generally do not - or they would be working as electricians.

Based on these critical differences in skills and qualifications, many insurance companies insist that actual electricians be hired to do home repairs as the possibility of damage, fires, or injury due to poor or unskilled workmanship is much lower plus damage caused by a handyman are usually not covered.

In some states, it is also illegal for a handyman to do electrical work for these very reasons.

Why Should Electrical Services Be Left To Pros?

Electrical services of any kind that involve working with wiring, outlets, or the fuse box should always be left to the professionals to ensure everyone’s safety and reduce the chance of home damage.

Primarily, this is because trained electricians have the knowledge of how to troubleshoot wiring and fuse problems as well as do new connections that will not negatively affect the current wiring setup.

Even something as simple as putting in new outlets or upgrading the circuit breaker box could turn into a dangerous situation if it is not done by an electrical contractor who understands things like circuit load limits, local building code requirements, and how to run wiring so that it remains safe.

Some electrical work even requires specialty training and certification, which a handyman will not have.

Always Hire A Qualified Electrician for Electrical Work

One incorrectly connected wire installed by an unskilled person is all that it takes to cause a fire, electrocute someone, or cause irreparable damage to home appliances and equipment.

The schooling, training, and licensure possessed by licensed electricians are the best insurance any homeowner can buy that the contractor they hire knows what they are doing and will not put their home and family at risk.

Electrical contractors have spent years obtaining the schooling and training necessary to solve electrical problems and do new installations without issue.

So while a handyman might be the perfect person to handle the physical aspect of adding new outlets or installing new appliances, the actual wiring work itself should be left to skilled, licensed, and insured electrical service specialists.

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