Prevent Home Fires With Regular Electrical System Inspections!

Electrical fires are a common and frequently devastating cause of house fires.

Sadly, electricians believe that most of these fires can be prevented if homeowners will take the right steps to keep their homes safe.

Licensed electrical contractors play a main role in keeping homes safe and preventing electrical house fires.

When hired to do electrical system inspections and any necessary electrical repair work, homeowners face far fewer fire risks that can become destructive and deadly.

How Do Electrical Home Fires Start?

Electricians find that the most common causes of electrical home fires include the following:

  • Electrical Outlets - Loose, damaged, or overloaded electrical outlets can spark or overheat, resulting in a fire.
  • Cords and Wiring - Faulty or damaged electrical wiring, wiring and components not properly installed by a qualifiedelectrical contractor, damaged extension cords, and overloaded extension cords can also cause dangerous house fires.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) - A lack of GFCIs to interrupt overloaded circuits or warn that an appliance or other plugged-in device is creating too much draw from the system can be a dangerous omission.
  • Circuit Boxes - Overloaded circuitry and improper wiring of the circuit box can result in dangerous overheating and sparking.
  • Electrical Adapters - Overloaded adapters with too many wires plugged into them can also overheat and spark.
  • Inspections - Failure to include occasionalelectrical system inspections in home maintenance or to have one performed when doing home improvements can leave hazards undiscovered.

How Can Electrical Home Fires be Prevented?

Preventing electrical fires is easily accomplished when homeowners follow a few common-sense safety tips and involve a licensed electrician in their home maintenance and repair plans.

Primarily, it starts with good observation, never using items with damaged plugs or wiring, and avoiding overloading outlets, adapters, and extension cords.

Electrical contractors recommend having GFCIs installed if there are none and then periodically checking to ensure they are working.

Any repairs or home improvement projects, including the installation of new fixtures, outlets, and wiring, should always be done by a licensed professional, as these are not DIY projects or even projects for general contractors.

Most importantly, with an electrical system inspection performed by a licensed electrical contractor, homeowners can have their home’s electrical system assessed, notable problems located, and required repairs made to promote safety and prevent the conditions that can cause a fire.

Be Safe With A Professional Electrical System Inspection

The key to keeping any house safe from the problems that can result in a dangerous electrical fire is the professional installation of all wiring by a professional electrician, then proper care and use of all wiring and fixtures.

Homeowners must practice safe electrical service usage as recommended by electrical contractors and be diligent in looking for developing problems that can start a fire.

All electrical work should be performed by a licensed professional and if problems should arise, an electrical system inspection by a qualified contractor is essential.

With correct installation, use, and care of all electrical components in the home, the hazard of a fire can be greatly reduced!

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