My Lights Flicker When It Is Windy – What Is Wrong?

A problem that electricians occasionally receive calls from homeowners about is flickering lights when it is windy out.

Electrical contractors understand that this type of electrical disruption can be extremely annoying and potentially dangerous depending on the cause.

To pinpoint the reason for these little interruptions and make the correct repair, homeowners should call a local electrical service that can inspect the wiring in and around their home and figure out this mystery!

What Is The Root Cause of Lights Flickering?

Any time the lights in a house flicker, this indicates there is a minute disruption in the flow of electrical current through the home wiring.

In more extreme cases, electricians find that this type of flickering can even cause appliances to reset, TVs to flicker or turn off and back on again, or other electrical components to experience momentary outages and then resume working as usual.

When it happens only occasionally, such as when there is bad weather, electrical contractors find this to be normal and likely due to interruptions originating from the power company or a local transformer.

Flickering that happens frequently, when the wind blows indicates a more permanent issue that should be diagnosed and repaired.

What Flickering Light Problems Are Seen On Windy Days?

Lights that flicker on a windy day suggest that the wind is causing movement of the outdoor wiring, resulting in short interruptions of electrical current flowing through those wires that serve the home.

Electrical services typically see this happening for several reasons:

  • Outdated Electrical Systems - Electricians often see this problem in older homes with outdated electrical systems that have not been rewired and are simply wearing out. As old wiring loses its functional ability to maintain current, short outages can be common.
  • General Wear and Tear - Regardless of the age of the wiring to the home, electrical contractors often see general wear and tear affecting the wiring and connections, preventing continuous current when the wires sway on particularly windy days.
  • Physical Damage To The Wiring - Damage caused by rodents chewing on the casing or trees scraping against the wires can also cause this problem, which is mostly noticeable when the wires move on windy days.

What Can Electrical Contractors Do For Light Flickering?

Occasional light flickering during bad weather is normal if it can be related to a local power disruption like a transformer blip or other service-side problem.

If the problem persists or it happens often when the wind blows, homeowners should call an electrical service to do a wiring inspection and diagnose the source of the issue.

Old and damaged wiring that is giving these signs should be replaced to prevent shorting, sparking, and the potential of more serious concerns like a fire or someone being electrocuted.

An electrician can determine whether they can replace the wiring that needs attention or if it is necessary to have the utility service if the problem is with the wiring connecting the utility to the home.

When the latter is the case, they can facilitate communication with the utility for a prompt repair.

Call An Electrician When Wind Affects Electrical Service

When the blowing wind causes light flickering, it is important to find an electrician who can inspect the wiring to the home and find the source of the problem.

As benign as these disruptions might seem, electrical contractors know that left unrepaired, they can eventually become a safety hazard affecting health and home.

An electrical service can help homeowners get to the bottom of this annoying issue and take the necessary steps to get it resolved for a safer home environment!

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