Surge Protection in Bryan, TX

Keep Appliances and Electrical Equipment Safe

A typical home receives hundreds of power surges a day. But most surges, referred to as transient, happen very quickly and are easy to overlook. Electrical surges are sudden spikes in voltage that travel throughout a home’s electrical system. Sometimes they are marked by a flickering light or slight power outage when an appliance is turned on. Most happen at a fraction of a second and are missed entirely. The surges resulting from lightning strikes are probably more familiar to homeowners. These surges are more dangerous and destructive, but not as prevalent. However, any surge can damage appliances and electronics, which is why surge protection is so critical.

Surge Security for Bryan/College Station Homes

There are several ways that a power surge can infiltrate your electrical system. Whether they are generated from within (through appliance use) or from an outside source (such as lightning or a downed power line), they can have a huge impact on your home. Through constant exposure your valuable electronics and appliances can degenerate over time. Surge protection devices (SPDs) are the best defense against power surges that are generated from any source. A whole-house SPD is connected to your home’s fuse box and designed to shunt surges of any size – generated from anywhere.

Surge Statistics:

  • A five-year survey of power quality in North America indicated that per household there are 35 disruptive or destructive power disturbances per year.
  • Deregulation of the electric utility industry is expected to decrease the quality of utility power in the near future.
  • Annually, 30% of power outages are lightning related.
  • Five percent of all insurance claims are lightning related, amounting to over $1 billion per year

It’s far less expensive to invest in surge protection than it is to replace costly appliances. Schedule an appointment with Gilmore today! We are the trusted experts for all your surge protection needs.

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