Stay Active Through Blackouts with Generator Installation and Service

Has your Brazos Valley home ever experienced a blackout? Losing electricity for a few hours in our technology-driven world is an inconvenience, but when those hours turn into days or weeks your comfort, health and security can be greatly compromised. Digital information can be lost, refrigerated items can be ruined and communication with the outside world can be completely eliminated. Those who need electricity to power medical equipment are challenged to find an alternative power source – with their health on the line. Losing electricity for most people can have devastating consequences, even in the short-term.

Do you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages? Have some of those outages gone on for an extended period of time? If so, then you might consider a home backup generator installation and service.

Peace of Mind in Your Brazos Valley Home

Gilmore Electric Express believes your best defense against an extended power outage is a residential backup generator. Also referred to as a standby generator, these devices can provide electricity for several days, ensuring both safety and convenience. When your home experiences a blackout, a generator can restore power automatically – whether or not you’re home. The instant transfer allows for an uninterrupted continuation of power at the proper voltage. This keeps your appliances, electronics, devices and alarm system unharmed – safe from corruption and destructive power surges. A generator gives you and your household peace of mind – whether at home or away.

Benefits of a Backup Generator

  • Automatic Distribution of Electricity
  • Peace of Mind (at Home or Away)
  • Ability to Keep Connected and Comfortable
  • Continuous, Uninterrupted Use of Electricity
  • Electrical System Protection from Voltage Fluctuations and Surges
  • Uninterrupted Security

Types of Residential Generators

Stationary backup generators for residential use come in four common sizes, ranging from 22-48 kilowatts. The size is determined by a variety of factors dictated by the home, these include the square footage, the wattage requirements and type of fuel preferred/available. The majority of modern homes in the U.S. are designed with 200-amp electrical service, the maximum amount of electricity a home can use. If you are concerned about recurring blackouts in your Brazos Valley home, let the experts at Gilmore Electric Express help assess your needs. We’ll keep you and your household safe and comfortable during the next power outage!

Aggieland’s Favorite Electricians

We’re often referred to as “Aggieland’s favorite electricians.” When you choose us to install your backup generator, you’ll find out why. Our customers always receive superior work and a long list of benefits, including:

  • Upfront Pricing
  • Safety Inspection with All Service Calls
  • Same Day Service
  • On Time Service
  • Licensed, Background Checked Technicians
  • Clean, Professional Service Calls
  • Red Carpet Service
  • Fully Stocked Vehicles

For quality service at lightning speed, call Aggieland’s favorite electricians today at 979-77-LIGHT!

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