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Complete Ceiling Fan Services in Bryan/College Station

Do you have ceiling fan issues that require the help of professional ceiling fan services? Whether you need a ceiling fan installed, repaired or replaced, Gilmore Electric Express has the talent and the tools to get the job done. This classic device has a variety of uses both practical and aesthetic – and can even help lower utility bills. Modern fans are available in a wide selection of sizes, colors and designs, making it easy to choose the ideal model for any home or business.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Many home and business owners are discovering the benefits of ceiling fans, which were an essential device before the mass marketing of central air in the 50’s. Ceiling fans help with ventilation and comfort, but they also support your HVAC system by maximizing the hot or cold air provided. Thinking about investing in a ceiling fan? We can think of several smart reasons.


While ceiling fans don’t raise or lower the temperature in a room, moving air helps to evaporate perspiration, which causes a person to feel cooler than the surrounding air. Fans also work with air conditioning, maximizing the cooler air. This allows a homeowner to set their thermostat several degrees higher and still feel comfortable under the fan. Turning up the thermostat a couple degrees higher can help reduce your monthly utility bill.

Healthier IAQ

A ceiling fan can help your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ), especially if you live in an older building without central air. A ceiling fan can circulate the air and keep the airflow moving, which is important in sustaining a healthy air space. Dusty rooms with stale odors can greatly benefit from ceiling fans and open windows.

Maximize Heating

In addition to cooling, you can maximize the heat from your HVAC with a ceiling fan. Several modern designs come with a reverse blade feature. Reversing the rotation of the blades (sending them clockwise), helps to evenly redistribute the warm air that moves upward. This will also allow you to set the thermostat lower, offering the same benefit that it does with the air conditioning – in reverse.

Outdoor Comfort

Ceiling fans are ideal for porches, decks and other communal areas outside the home. They deter flies, mosquitoes and other insects – and reduce the clutter of using portable fans. Seek out ceiling fans UL-rated for wet or humid locations to ensure maximum efficiency in extreme weather conditions.


Do you have a specific décor in your home or business? Ceiling fans come in an array of décor options, making them easy to incorporate into any design scheme. Discover modern, ornate, traditional and transitional options. There’s something available for every aesthetic.

Lighting and Ambience

Many ceiling fans on the market are designed with a light element. Depending on how much light you need, a ceiling fan can act as your main lighting source (with a center domed globe) or offer accent lighting (with branched bulbs). There are many configurations of available light elements. Fans with lights also allow you to use just the fan element, just the light element – or both.

Healthy IAQ

A ceiling fan can also help your home’s indoor air quality, especially if you live in an older building without a modern HVAC duct system. A ceiling fan can help circulate stale air and keep the airflow moving, which is key in sustaining a healthy air space. Dusty rooms with stale odors can greatly benefit from ceiling fans and open windows.

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