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Need A Light Fixture Installed? Better Call An Electrician!

September 15, 2022

Lighting fixture installation seems like an easy job that any homeowner who is handy around the house can take care of on their own.

Yet as simple as the job might seem, it is one that should still be performed by a licensed electrician for many reasons.

Before any homeowner gets up on a ladder and attempts a new light fixture installation, it is important to understand just how dangerous this “simple” repair job can be.

It Involves Direct Contact With Electrical Wiring

Though lighting fixture installation is a fairly simple home repair or remodeling task, it is a deceptive job that looks easier than it really is.

Light fixture installation involves having direct contact with the electrical wiring not once but twice when disconnecting the old fixture and then connecting the new one.

It is completely different from changing a light bulb, which almost anyone can do safely.

Any task that involves working with exposed wiring such as lighting fixture installation should always be performed by a skilled, qualified electrician for total safety.

Can Create A Dangerous Environment

Beyond the more obvious issue of the dangers of handling exposed wires during light fixture installation, there are numerous other important safety factors that electricians consider when handling this task:

  • New or Existing Wiring - Depending on the lighting fixture being installed, the quality and condition of the existing wiring and position of the light fixture, electricians may opt to run a new wire as opposed to simply connecting to an existing one. Fixtures with a high power draw or new fixtures being added into an already loaded circuit require the addition of new wiring to prevent circuit overloading and the dangers that can result.
  • Proper Ceiling or Wall Support - Every light fixture installation starts with the mounting of the fixture onto the wall or ceiling. Unless that mounting is strong enough to easily support the fixture it could fail, damaging the live wiring when it does. An electrician will make sure all supports are sturdy enough for each new fixture and make corrections as required to ensure a safe, durable installation. Only then should the live wires be connected to the new fixture.
  • Correct Hanging of the Fixture - After ensuring there is enough ceiling or wall support for the weight of the lighting fixture, an electrician must then hang the fixture correctly to protect the live wiring while positioning it most effectively. Properly hung, there is no reason for a homeowner to need to adjust the light and potentially come in contact with the live wiring, putting themselves in danger. Lights that are not properly hung to protect the wiring could allow wires to come in contact with hot bulbs, shorting them or starting a fire.
  • Warranty Factors - Some manufacturers insist that light fixture installation of their products be performed by a licensed electrician for the warranties to be valid. It is important for homeowners to understand that this could affect more than just the fixture itself, but also any damage caused by an actual faulty component. Unless the installation is done by a professional when specified in the warranty, homeowners waive the responsibility of the manufacturer for the fixture, as well as any damage it might cause.

Leave Light Fixture Wiring Tasks To The Pros

While it is understandable that homeowners wish to avoid paying fees to have contractors do repairs that think they can handle on their own, electrical repairs are in a category of repairs that should always be left to the professionals.

Lighting fixture installation seems easy but in fact, can be quite dangerous.

To avoid injury and the potential for home damage, light fixture installation should always be done by an experienced, licensed electrician.

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