Thinking About Trying Some DIY Home Rewiring? Don’t!

Home wiring is a job that requires skill and knowledge, even for the most basic projects.

As tempting as it might be for some handy homeowners to tackle home wiring repairs on their own, DIY wiring can lead to big problems.

Before deciding to do any DIY house rewiring projects, here are some important reasons for untrained homeowners to avoid doing so and call a licensed electrician instead!

1. Safety Risks

The most important reason for homeowners to avoid attempting DIY home wiring projects on their own is the significant safety hazard that doing electrical work presents.

Electrocution, burns, and other injuries including death are common among those who do not fully understand electrical work and how a home electrical system runs.

2. Incorrect Techniques

Electrical work such as home wiring repair involves the use of very specific techniques to ensure safety.

It requires much more than simply knowing how to connect a wire or two when installing a fixture or repairing a damaged electrical component.

Without proper training and the right tools, home electrical work can result in components that do not work or lead to significant problems and costly repairs down the road.

3. Fire Hazards

Incorrectly done house rewiring or DIY electrical installations are one of the main causes of damaging residential fires.

Each year, there are over 50,000 damaging electrical fires, many of them caused by faulty wiring.

Without proper training in this skill, the possibility of mistakes that can cause shorts and surges that result in a fire is great.

4. Potential Property Damage

Property damage is yet another risk that homeowners face when they choose to attempt home wiring on their own rather than calling a professional.

Electrical surges and shorts, overheated wiring, incorrectly installed components, and other mistakes can all result in considerable damage to circuit breakers, wiring, and even the whole house should a fire start.

The cost of repairing all of this damage far outweighs any savings made by skipping the electrician.

5. Insurance and Warranty Issues

Homeowners who try their hand at DIY home wiring repair or installations risk having claims for any damages related to those repairs declined by their insurance companies.

Homeowners' insurance policies do not cover damage caused by wiring or electrical repairs made by anyone other than a professional.

Similarly, the product warranties on most electrical components are usually voided unless the item is professionally installed by a licensed electrician.

6. Building Code Concerns

To remain in compliance with local building codes, any electrical work done to a home must be performed by a licensed electrician.

House rewiring, wiring for an addition, or other types of electrical work must be done in accordance with local building codes.

If it is not, homeowners could be fined, held liable for any damages, or incur other legal issues in localities where it is illegal for unlicensed people to perform their own electrical work.

7. Failed Electrical Inspections

DIY home wiring can also lead to mistakes and safety issues that result in failed electrical inspections.

This can affect the sale of a property as well as the ability to live in or use the property until electrical work is re-done by a professional electrician.

Hire A Professional Electrician For All Home Wiring Projects

Electrical work like home wiring repairs and electrical installations can be dangerous, resulting in accidents, injuries, and property damage.

Though DIY installations or house rewiring might initially be less expensive, they frequently result in the need for professional repairs that far exceed those costs in the long run.

Instead of risking DIY repairs, hire an experienced, licensed electrician instead.

Homeowners who choose the professional route can then rest assured that their electrical work was done safely and correctly without the chance of problems.

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