What Do Electrical Contractors Look for During an Inspection?

An electrical inspection is something that every homeowner should occasionally arrange to check on the safety and serviceability of their home’s electrical system.

Electrical contractors find that these components can wear out or become faulty over time, increasing the chance of a short that can start a deadly fire.

What do electricians do to determine the fitness of the electrical system within a house?

Read about the four critical points of an electrical system inspection to understand the value of this vital home system check.

1. Electrical Wiring Condition

Poor or damaged electrical wiring is one of the main causes of house fires.

During a thorough electrical inspection, electricians examine and test all wiring in the home to detect functional problems or view physical damage like frayed ends and attachments, incorrectly installed wires or electrical components, exposed wiring, wet or damp areas that could cause electrical shorts and much more.

It is a detail-oriented process that is performed by skilled electrical contractors who will make their way around and throughout the dwelling to ensure the safety of all wiring.

2. Circuit Breaker Box Inspection

Electrical system inspections include full testing of the circuit breaker box to ensure it is working correctly and that the home is properly protected against power surges.

Part of the inspection includes testing the circuit system to make sure it is powerful enough to maintain electrical currents to the house or if the system is being overloaded and should be updated to a higher capacity system.

Circuit boxes are inspected for corrosion, loose or damaged wiring, and any other problems that could prevent them from functioning properly.

3. GFCI Outlet Function

While checking the wiring throughout the home, an electrical inspection on all GFCI outlets is also done.

This is to ensure they are installed correctly and functioning properly.

Ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs are important safety components that turn off a circuit when problems like overloading, moisture in the outlet, or objects other than plugs are in the outlet are detected, all of which could start a fire.

4. Electrical Meter Inspection

A typical electrical system inspection will then commence with an inspection of the home’s outdoor electrical meter.

Electrical contractors will examine its condition and look for signs of poor installation, corrosion, or anything else that could be affecting the meter’s ability to function.

Then, they will test it to confirm that it is correctly logging wattage so the homeowner is billed appropriately for their energy usage.

Home Electrical Inspections Are Critical Safety Checks

Electrical contractors perform essential safety work when they inspect the electrical system within a home.

Frequent electrical system inspections are critical for keeping homes safe and reducing the possibility of dangerous shocks, short circuits, fires, or other electrical problems.

Noting this, it is highly recommended that homeowners have an electrical inspection done every 10 years or as required by their local zoning board!

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