What Questions Should I Ask When Looking For an Electrician?

When a homeowner has some kind of electrical problem, finding the right electrical contractor is a critical part of getting that problem resolved.

Electricians are specially-trained professionals and the only ones who should be handling that type of work.

To find an experienced and trusted residential electrician, homeowners must carefully screen for the right contractor.

Asking these important questions can help!

1. Licensing and Other Certification

Before asking about anything else, homeowners should inquire as to whether an electrical contractor has the required licensing for their state and is approved to do electrical work.

Ask if they have any other certifications as well, whether those are industry certifications, community business certifications, or others.

2. Qualifications and Training

Residential electricians should be well-trained through the completion of technical school and/or industry training programs and be able to prove it.

Homeowners seeking information about the qualifications of electricians should ask about the type of work the contractor normally handles, the range of services they offer, and other questions to get an idea if they are qualified to handle the required electrical work as well as seem knowledgeable and well-trained.

3. Liability Insurance

All contractors that do work for homeowners should have liability insurance to protect themselves and others in the case of damage, an injury, or some other kind of liability.

Electrical contractors especially need this protection, as even the simplest electrical work can be exceedingly dangerous if even one little mistake is made.

Before hiring a residential electrician, homeowners should request to see proof of current liability insurance for the protection of everyone involved in the electrical work being sought.

4. Customer Referrals and Reviews

The best advertising for any contractor is via the word-of-mouth of a satisfied customer.

Ask the electrician for referrals from customers they have already done work for and see what those homeowners have to say.

Additionally, homeowners can look up the contractor’s directory and social media pages online to see what customers are saying there.

Contractors with a high number of positive reviews and referrals that suggest they have great experience and a good work ethic are usually a very wise choice.

5. Work Estimates and Warranties

Request general fee and time estimations on standard electrical work or ask for an in-person estimate for work that might require an up-front assessment before an accurate quote can be made.

While discussing fees with electrical contractors, find out about any work warranties offered and how willing they are to stand by the work of their technicians.

Take Time To Choose A Qualified Residential Electrician

Whether the problem is a tripping circuit breaker or putting in some new electrical lines in a home addition, hiring reliable and skilled electricians is essential for any wiring or troubleshooting to guarantee the best results.

Homeowners seeking highly experienced residential electricians can find them by asking contractors about these 5 specific topics.

Finding a reliable, knowledgeable electrician provides important peace of mind that the work will be done correctly, no matter what types of installation or repairs are needed.

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