Which Yard Lighting Suits Your Home Best?

Outdoor home and yard lighting can be an improvement for any home, making it safer and more beautiful as well as making the outdoor space more useful.

Local electrical companies can assist with this type of home improvement by ensuring all outdoor lighting is correctly installed.

The biggest challenge many homeowners face is deciding which is the best lighting to have installed in their yards.

These are some ideas to consider and discuss with an electrical contractor when planning an outdoor installation! 

1. Minimalist “Natural” Lighting

When a small amount of yard lighting is desired to show off a property but not so much that it is obvious, minimalist lighting is perfect.

Using a minimalist approach, soft lighting is installed by electrical contractors in key places on the property to make them easily navigable up close without a strong beam that carries in the distance.

The goal of this minimalist type of installation is to create the look of natural illumination such as moonlight and soft glows that can often be seen at sundown.

Accents along walkways, some trees, and behind a few bushes can create a comforting and somewhat romantic atmosphere without lighting up the entire space. 

2. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight certain areas of the property. 

Electrical companies can install spotlights that shine concentrated beams to illuminate ornamental trees and bushes, statuary and fountains, architectural features, and other focal points.

Accent lighting is especially useful in a beautifully landscaped backyard for illuminating patios and walkways, making these spaces more welcoming and useful for entertaining.

It can also be used in combination with minimalist lighting to add a bit of extra focus to an otherwise more natural and soft appearance.

3. Statement Lighting

When a homeowner wishes to use outdoor lighting in a bolder and more decorative way, statement lighting may be perfect.

The statement concept uses broader floodlighting, sometimes in soft colors, in combination with spotlighting to emphasize architectural and other features around the property while also working as its own design element.

With a professional installation by an electrical contractor, this type of exterior lighting design leaves a strong visual impression to show off the home, the landscaping, and other features around the property.

4. Symmetrical Lighting

A concept that can be applied using both accent and statement lighting, symmetrical lighting design creates a balanced look across a property through consistency.

As the human eye is drawn to symmetry, it is easy to improve the appearance of a property by applying the same lighting treatment to similar components throughout the property.

The same spotlights illuminating decorative window frames and doorways or the same ornamental trees and bushes plus the same statement lighting softly accentuating specific areas of the yard or home can create a gentle balance over using the same lighting in a more random way. 

4. Safety Lighting

Electrical companies can also install safety lighting that protects properties against trespassers while also making them safer to navigate.

Floodlighting to illuminate entryways and ground lighting to brighten walkways can achieve both of these.

Used in conjunction with other lights, a property can look appealing while also being safer. 

Appropriate Yard Lighting Can Beautify A Property In Many Ways

Whether looking to transform a boring yard into an entertainment space or simply wishing to improve home safety, yard lighting used in various ways can do all of that.

With an idea of the type of outdoor lighting installation they desire, homeowners can discuss it with an experienced electrical contractor to decide on specific components and bulb types to achieve that look.

Above all, always hire an electrical company to do a proper installation of outdoor lighting, as they will first test the home system to confirm it can safely accommodate these additional fixtures.

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